Happily presents :
Beach. Sun.
The big Cyprus 50´s - Festival at the beach of Meneou
from the 30st of September until the 2nd of October 2016
The Jukin´Cyprus:
Big Classic Car - Meeting
10 Top-Rock´n´Roll-Bands from all over the world
3 days of "Dancing in the Moonlight"- directly at the beach of Meneou, Larnaca
A really stunning nostalgic 50s & 60s-market with jukeboxes, pinballs, records and a lot of other nice things...
The Jukin´Cyprus 2016
•From the organizers of The Jukin´50s•
The 50s at its best !
The Jukin´Cyprus :
, Sun & Rock´n´Roll!
Wo likes the Jukin´50s in Kaunitz will love The Jukin´Cyprus : Live-Rock´n´Roll directly at the lovely beach of Meneou, in combination with a classic car-meeting and a 50´s-market with jukeboxes, pinballs and lots of other stuff. Cyprus has a lot of classic cars. Of course also a classical food mile for every taste...
The worlds top Live-Rock´n´Roll-bands

The Velvet Candles (E)
Rock´n´Roll & DooWop in the moonshine

Freddy Velas & The Silvertones (I)
More bands:
The C-Sides (UK)

Classic Car Meeting

Who expects classic cars on Cyprus ? There´s a huge and active scene of classical car fans that always likes to participate at events.
Following conditions are valid: each car built before 1969 (EU-cars) and each car built before 1979 (US-cars) has free entry to the festival including 2 people.

50s & 60s-Market

Like on The Jukin´50s there will be an 50´s- market with records, cds, jukeboxes, pinballs, clothes etc. of the last 60 years.
Forwarding of big items to Northern Europe will be possible with a dealers container to Cyprus and back.
This alone will be a really cool show! But whatelse is offered?
Other than in Kaunitz , it will start from Friday afternoon at 2 o´clock p.m. Than its possible to combine beach, sun and music with car watching and eating Souvlaki. Or tanning on the sunbed...
At 6 p.m. we will have a break of the live-program and continue from 8 o´clock p.m. until the late night.
Dancing in the moonlight with the sea rushing....
The Jukin´Cyprus : the unbelievable combination of sea, sun and live- Rock´n´Roll !
The musical Tsunami at the beach of Meneou, 6 km from Larnaca. Very useful even as present.
Again the date: 30st of September until the 2nd of October 2016
Turning the vinyl:
DJ Bill Guntrip & Co (UK)
Doo Wop from Spain:
The New Angels
The New Angels
More DooWop..
The Nymonics (D)
Rock´n´Roll of this super-formation:
Danny & The Chicks (D)
Rock´n´Roll from Larnaca.
The Xiles
The XIles

Join the Dion - sound:
The Roomates
Join the ballads:
The Truly-Lover-Trio
and with
The C - Sides
The combination of sun, beach
and Rock´n´Roll in the perfect 50´s - atmosphere without the risk of bad weather...
The Jukin´Cyprus 2016
in Meneou, near Larnaca
Secure your place and book now!

Any all-inclusive-offer available?
That doesn´t make sense at all. Its really easy to book hotel and direct flights from England to Cyprus. On the show and in the environment of the event there is plenty of food available, so its a bad idea to stay in hotel or go back for the meals.... The distance from Larnaca is only 4-7 km, so its easy to reach by taxi, too.

How is it for me to come to Cyprus to the festival?
Very easy! On the next side you find a booking mask of and a hotel list. First thing is to book flights from the next home airport (look into skyscanner, then follow the procedure by klicking the arrow of the airport you prefer) and then look in the hotel list (as PDF for download attached on the next side) and book a hotel in the booking .com mask. Then you go to the ticket-shop and order your tickets, that are printable immediately. Thats all, folks!

Where to call if I have questions left?
During normal business hours, also during the weekend select the following number:

00357/97 692463 or write an

e-mail :
Here are a few more impressions of the upcoming line-up..
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We are searching for people on Cyprus that are interested in jukeboxes, pinballs, Rock´n´Roll and 50´s - cars...join our group!

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